Misophonic Minds: Another Corner of Barnsley Counter Culture

by Of National Importance Records




Cat No: ONI17

Artwork design by Jamie Briggs. Original illustration by Hattie Lockwood

All copyright belongs to the respective artist(s) except where noted. For full credits, and links to more from each artist, click the title of each song or visit this page: www.ofnationalimportancerecords.co.uk/misophonicminds

Of National Importance Records is an independent record label based in the same location that all these artists originate from; Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Northern England.

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation will be donated to Willow Foundation. Willow is the only national charity working with seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40 to fulfil uplifting and unforgettable Special Days. These Special Days enable them and their families to reconnect and refocus on each other while enjoying an activity of their choosing.

For a much wider picture of the blooming Barnsley music scene visit: www.alternativebarnsley.com


released April 27, 2015


all rights reserved



Of National Importance Records Barnsley, UK

Independent records since 2009. Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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Track Name: The Black Lamps - Colour 8.1
A gentle push to
The small of my back
On my way down
I look through the windows
I see all kind of problems
All mostly the same
A heavy drink
Of stirring emotions

As time travels through
The last of myself
My tight-fisted heart
Is slowly dissolving
No longer volatile
Just soaring and free
The ill at ease
Start taking over
Track Name: Del Scott Miller - The Quietness
Catch yourself a penny's worth,
and from the wave-bound ship alight.
Maintain the habit right from birth,
and keep your field of vision slight.

Take your mind away from every
inclination thought instils.
Focus on the vial and it shall
answer prayers of latent will.
It lays you down, a child sedate
inside a crib with hidden bars.
It draws your gaze up to the ceiling
pointing out fictitious stars.

And in time you'll come to see
those hollow points of light.
You'll never question if you're free,
or ever doubt your sight.

Shrink and wither youth's unrest.
Fight expires before it's time,
but don't you mourn the childhood tests;
a tranquil hand commits no crime.
Track Name: Peter Dand - White Feather
Hear the song
Hear the note
On you I count
On you I dote

Face to face
Back to back
From the world we stand remote
I'm in the mirror of your eyes
That harbour hope

Be still; the weight we bear
A white feather in the air

I remember
The tide kept us apart
I remember
And heavy was my heart

Here it comes
Here it goes
Lift the weights
Untie the boat
A glimmer dancing off the sea
Glint in your eye, reflecting me

This is love
We will cross these tides
This is love
Now endless may it bide

Be still; living on and on
A white feather and we're one

I remember
The sea kept us apart
I remember
And like thunder went my heart
I remember
Plans were left unmade
I remember
I departed and you stayed

I remember
I remember

Now look how far we've come
Track Name: Sarah-Jane - Tell Me
You chase these painkillers with vodka
Pull yourself into me and tell me, listen
Tell me how no-one compares to she
But how nothing's better than me
Don't know what it's gonna be

You said you'd run into the road
Screaming at the top of your lungs
Oh, she's got to know
I think that's when I guessed
Maybe it's your mind I read
I knew it wasn't me

A lot can happen in a year
God, I still wish you were here
Cos I wasn't good for what you do
My love wasn't toxic enough for you
I guess that set you free

Twelve months now gone
I wonder how you're going on
Remember the time you fell in love
You fell in love with a drug
How is she

Well tell me how she's better
Better than the weather on the west coast
Tell me how she made you
Made you feel better
Cos that, that could be me

And tell me how you've never
never been better than you've ever been
Tell me how she made your
Made you feel better
Cos that, could never could be me

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